Oregon or Bust

(from August 1, 2010)

hello newcomers, followers and all of you in between!

as some of you may know, this has been my blog for about 8 months now and it will be transformed from here on out as my blog documenting my year on the west coast with the jesuit volunteer corps northwest.  i will be leaving in less than 24 hours for portland and spending a week in community with about 140 other JV’s (jesuit volunteers) who will be located in the northwest united states.

we will be at camp adams, a retreat center right outside of portland from august 2 to august 7, getting to know each other and a bit more about the program.  after our  week together, we will all be transported to our respective locales and my six roommates and i will be off to hillsboro, oregon for the year.  there are four men and three women (myself included) in the house and i’m really looking forward to getting to know them all beyond their facebook pictures and a few short bio paragraphs.

i will be working with SOLV, an environmental non-profit that engages volunteers in activities to restore our natural spaces and provide educational opportunities to encourage environmental stewardship.  i will be working with middle schoolers and high schoolers to preserve and maintain threatened wetland areas among other things.

so please keep an eye on the blog for updates.  not sure when i will be back on but i hope to get you all some photos and first impressions of the west coast life.

some contact info:

alex.roem@gmail.com if you’d like to send me an email or some photos of your life =]

this blog of course

my address in hillsboro:

alex roem

3081 NE 1st Court, Hillsboro OR 97124

spread peace. be love.




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