So where are you originally from?

(Posted August 28, 2010)

this is the most common question in ANY conversation here in portland when you meet someone new.  its funny how almost no one is a native portlander or oregonian, its a city of transplants.  still answering this question every day after about three weeks, i have my schpiel down pat!

its been another good but long week. had a lot of work in the SOLV office working on a proposal for some community groups to maintain our sites after SOLV finishes them. also worked on a newsletter template that i will be in charge of sending to all stream team captains about setting up tree plantings each saturday.

miles and i went with meghan and steve yesterday to lowes to shop for some new tools for our worksites.  we also went and visited a worksite of northwest youth corps who were finishing a five week work tour of oregon and spent their last week working on a SOLV site.  most were still in high school and just great kids to get to know.

last night, i saw some friends, kali and paul, that i studied abroad with in paris, who live in portland last night.  lots to catch up on with them but felt like no time had passed at all! we went to bridgeport brewery in portland and had a great beer sampler.  they will be leaving portland in just a few weeks to go and teach english in paris for a year.  kali just got back from spending time in israel/palestine, which she wrote her thesis on and she has been hosting a lecture series on her time there and the conflict in general all over the portland area.  paul will be working on some grad school things as he’s hoping to become a history professor.  they will do great things together!

more pictures to come, going for a hike at saddle mountain tomorrow.  we will be able to see several mountains in the area as well as all the way to the coast if its a clear enough day!  best of luck to my brother, who will be leaving for belgium for a year on monday.  follow his blog!  love from the west coast!


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