Another Paved Paradise?

(Posted October 27, 2010)

one of the fantastic community leaders i work with through SOLV is Barbara Quinn of the Friends of Baltimore Woods and she is a fantastic force and community activist.  in recent months and days, she has been advocating for more public voice to be heard on a zoning and planning issue close to my heart.  as most of you may know, GCI and other student activists were outraged last spring when administrators cut down over half an acre of densely wooded forest on the Fairfield University campus for a parking lot.  the decision was not very open for public opinion or input and because of this, plans were not able to be halted or altered and Fairfield now has a big empty parking lot on its campus and surely a lack of biodiversity.

Barbara has been vocal about the recent plans for the University of Portland to build a parking garage/structure that would infringe upon environmentally sensitive and protected land.  the university and city recently held an open house but that did not allow for much public dialogue and they do not plan to have other outlets for public opinion on the matter.  please read this article and consider how you might act if this was in your OWN backyard…


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