Coffee Drinker? Never.

(Posted November 3, 2010)

i drink coffee now. weird. perhaps it has to do with having a real 9 to 5 (ish) job and commuting and looking at a computer screen? never thought i would see the day! don’t worry though.. i drink out of a reusable mug and try to buy local/fair trade =]

green team/solv has been going really well.  the blog has BLOWN up and is becoming really popular; its a great way for me to share with a larger community the work we do with students, the most important work in my opinion.  its amazing to hear students who have worked with us before to tell other students on the work site things they have learned and done with us in the past.  many of the students we work with choose to be in the classes that work on site with us, including our newest addition of elementary schoolers!

i am so excited to be working with our first elementary school; they are 28 first through sixth graders who are in an after-school “green team” club and i will work with them once a month.  we met them all for the first time this past friday and they were the absolute best; so enthusiastic and ready to plant!  they planted over 300 willow stakes and didn’t mind getting dirty.. my kind of kids!

i am also working on starting a landowner e-newsletter for solv to distribute to all of our landowners and site partners, to update them all on whats happening at all of our sites.  it will include information on native and invasive species, links to resources and SOLV events.  it includes quite a bit of work as we are trying to get all the addresses together to send the newsletter but i’ve really enjoyed writing it and will send one out monthly.

really been enjoying the fall leaves here, i was worried we wouldn’t see too many as there are so many evergreens here but i have created quite a collection.  i’m hoping to create some sort of art out of them.. we’ll see what i can come up with.  i hope to make it to scrap more often (went this weekend and was in heaven!) to create some more art projects out of recycled materials.  its a phenomenal collection of a store that just has all sorts of odds and ends for creating new things. love it.

also went to portland this past weekend for a halloween party with other JV’s in the area; it was pun-themed and of course my costume was planned last minute.  we had a great time and it was so great to see faces we hadn’t seen since orientation.  one of my absolute favorite costumes was my friend sean who dressed as kevin mcallister of home alone and brought props with him in his backpack.. i proceeded to steal them all and re-enact scenes from the movie all night. figures.

making falafel again tomorrow night. yum. reading animal, vegetable, miracle right now by barbara kingsolver and its really making me look at my food choices yet again and consider how important “whole” foods are to our bodies and earth.  a fantastic read and it has great recipes…

love from the doug fir state



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