Getting swanky with SOLV

(Posted November 15, 2010)

Well, it was another great weekend in Hillsboro.  To end a busy week with Green Teams, there was the SOLV banquet on Friday night.  Miles and I drove to the native plant nursery in West Linn, Bosky Dell Natives, to pick up the centerpieces for the event.. in the UHaul.  And I thought navigating a Campus Ministry minivan was difficult.. psshhh.  We picked up the centerpieces, 42 in all, and some native trees and plants for the stage.  Lori, the owner of Bosky Dell, was not there but she had pulled out no less than 50 trees for us to pick from; she’s fantastic and very enthusiastic.  Miles and I trucked the plants into Portland and brought them to the Portland Art Museum, the venue for the benefit.  Very swanky.  We were in a beautiful ballroom for the event, expecting about 400 guests to honor several SOLV supporters and friends with citizenship and lifetime awards for their loyalty and passion to SOLV and its overall mission.

After dropping off the plants, Miles and I were able to wander around Portland for the afternoon before the banquet.  I’m stoked to get back to the museum and explore their collections; free on the fourth Friday of the month!  (If there’s a free deal, a JV knows to sniff it out.)  We wandered into Pioneer Square and found a crowd gathered there.  The trucks with the Christmas tree for the city of Portland had just rolled in and they were in the process of hoisting up an enormous Douglas fir for the holiday season!  Miles and I sat on the steps amongst toddlers, moms and young hipsters to watch the giant evergreen be installed.  We met up with a Portland JV, our friend Sean, and caught up with him on his break from work.  Before we knew it, it was time to get back to the museum to help with set-up and the banquet.  The generosity of supporters was really exciting; I think it had something to do with my photos being included on the slideshow.  Either that, or all of the amazing award recipients and their SOLV stories!  It was a long night of local wines, local food and getting all dolled up; we had a great time.

Up and at ‘em early the next morning for our final Salmon Toss of the season!  Miles and I trekked to West Linn to meet some high school Green Team’ers there and then we were off to Estacada to meet some Clackamas Green Team’ers and our friend Jeff from Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.  With about 12 high schoolers, a few teachers and one of our elementary school Green Team’ers, we were able to toss about 600 salmon into the river; that’s over 1,500 pounds of fish!  I was able to muster up the courage get into the truck and toss fish out of the totes; my elementary school friend even got into the truck with me to toss tails!  While my shoes are STILL smelly, we had a great last toss and have thrown over 6,000 pounds of salmon into Oregon rivers and streams to restore nutrient flows with our Green Team students!

I joined Sean, Frank and Elena on a road trip to Multnomah Falls on Saturday afternoon; pictures don’t do it justice at ALL!  The rest of the evening was spent at home, resting after an exhausting couple of days.  I was able to get back to St. Matthew’s last night for Youth Ministry; I haven’t been able to make it in the past few weeks so it was nice to see some friendly faces again.  Missing you all and loving the mail and surprises I’ve been receiving.. been wearing the scarf non-stop, Mare!  Much love and many thanks to all of you for supporting me!



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