Happy Tofurkey Day?

(Posted November 18, 2010)

who says being a vegetarian means you have miss out on thanksgiving??  no wayyy!  i’m amazed every time i see a new recipe in a veg cookbook or get a recipe from a friend; the options are endless, especially when you add in a bit of creativity and dash of imagination!

look around for recipes for your thanksgiving on foodblogs like foodpress or look at what a resource like the New York Times Well section has to offer on cooking up a veggie feast for your table next thursday.  but no matter what you cook, consider where it came from.  cranberries aren’t shaped like a can after all and butterball is not your frozen turkey’s nickname; an ordinary food item travels an average of 1,500 miles to get to your plate.  have you looked at local farms for your turkey or invested in a CSA for your veggies?  even if its using apples from a local orchard in your famous pie, consider your food choices this holiday season and everyday. we are what we eat!



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