In a Knitting Frenzy

I have been fortunate enough to be home for Christmas this year and while home, I’ve been able to bake, cook, visit with friends, take photographs, craft and … learn how to knit!!  My mom taught herself (with the help of some church ladies) how to knit about a year and a half ago and has been cranking out scarves for friends and family ever since.  She mastered the art of the circular needles recently and I was the lucky recipient of hats this Christmas.

I thought I would just knot the yarn and get frustrated quickly with knitting.. and I was sort of right.  It didn’t come quickly to me but I practiced with my mom this week and already finished one scarf! (See model above.)  I am working on two more and am very excited to bring this new found hobby back to Oregon with me; it’ll be a nice way to connect with my mom from coast to coast.. though she won’t be sitting next to me to untangle my knots… hm.


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