Race for the Cure, PDX

(Posted September 19, 2010)

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i had the great fortune of hearing about the susan g. komen race for the cure here in portland a few weeks ago.  i knew it might be difficult for me to raise funds as i am here with the help and support of my family and i have contacted family and friends quite often to assist in several recent service trips.  but i still wanted to get involved and participate in this beautiful day of courage, remembrance, celebration and strength.  i volunteered this morning, september 19th, as a start marshal for the day’s races.  while i was not utilized to perhaps my fullest ability, i am so blessed to have been in the presence of such inspiring individuals and survivors.

i was able to stand right at the starting gate and see the faces of enthusiasm, hope and solidarity on each and every person.  survivors were flanked in their hot pink shirts, by armies of family members, friends and other supporters.  one such woman, anna jean, was a 92 year old survivor of breast cancer who has participated in all but one of the race for the cure days.  i won’t soon forget the swelling of my heart for all those with placards on the backs of their shirts, racing in remembrance and celebration of a loved one who had lost their battle with breast cancer.  so while i might have griped about getting out of bed at 530am, catching a bus at 6am and walking across a busy bridge to make it to check in at 645am, there was only one place that i was meant to be today and i am a better person for having joined with all of these wonderful people today.


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