Roloff Farms Fun and Retreat-ness

(Posted October 26, 2010)

what a full weekend! elena, sean and i went to roloff farms on friday to check out the great pumpkin farm and see what all the fuss was about.  we had a good time goofing around and taking pictures; people came from a LONG way away and we travelled just 7 miles. (well.. plus 3,000 from new jersey, but who’s counting?)

this weekend was our first JVC retreat in molalla, oregon and it was great to see all of the other JV’s from the cascade region (seattle, tacoma, portland, etc) since we hadn’t seen many of them since orientation.  it was really great to really unplug since there was no phone service there and we had a fantastic time catching up and enjoying the outdoors.  we focused on community for this retreat and the main theme was a personality test called an enneagram.  we had a wonderful leader for our retreat named sister kathy and it was amazing to sit down with her one on one and talk about my personal qualities and traits and how to best handle them in regards to myself as well as others.  the enneagram is a personality test at its most basic level and it scores your answers and gives you a number between one and nine that you might identify most closely with.  while it leaves room for interpretation, it was interesting to see what my housemates thought about it and how we can all relate to each other having a bit more insight into each others’ personalities.

it was my housemate christie’s birthday was this weekend and we surprised her (though i’m sure we weren’t as sneaky as we could have been) with a cake and some little gifts as well as a photo book of all of us and our adventures thus far.  another really enjoyable part of the retreat was that each community of JV’s was in charge of a meal during the weekend; there were some fantastic and creative meals on such tight budgets!  we also had a coffeehouse on sunday night and each community did a short “commercial” for a day in the life of their community.  the skits were hilarious and i loved seeing what other communities have been up to.

SOLV has been great; the Green Team blog is going really well and receiving great feedback!  working on some other new things and we are starting to really see that Oregon rain when we’re out planting!  youth ministry nights at St Matthews have been going really well and i’ll be training to be a lector there next week.  i’ll be headed to a sufjan stevens concert this weekend as well as a halloween party at one of the portland JV houses… never a dull moment!


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