The Start of Salmon Toss Season

(Posted October 17, 2010)

life has certainly been busy in hillsboro these days!  green team is going really well and all of the schools are visiting their sites and making lots of great progress.  i was at a SOLV tree planting last weekend in Portland and with about 12 volunteers, we planted approximately 200 trees, just in time for global climate action day!  with our three SOLV events last weekend, we planted hundreds of trees to restore sites as well as curb carbon emissions.. makes me feel a bit better about driving the SOLV truck around!

five of us hillsboro JV’s visited a yurt last sunday to participate in some contemplative meditation and prayer.  sean’s friend kristen from work knows someone who owns 72 acres outside of forest grove, or and has a yurt (permanent tent-like structure often used for camping) used for meditation.  it was amazing to attempt to quiet our minds for an hour and really enter into a quieted place and meditate on what we so often neglect to think about.  after the yurt, we went back to kristen’s home and made brunch.  we had a great time exploring her home, photos and knick-knacks and had some fantastic conversation.

had at least one green team school every day this week and we were able to remove lots of blackberry and plant an amazing number of native plants like rose, willow and oregon grape.  we have been taking a great number of photos and video interviews that we hope to put on our new blog.  a few of us attended a bird conference on friday at the oregon zoo and learned some really valuable pieces of information about bird habitats that we can apply to our restoration work.  who would’ve ever thought i’d attend an all day workshop about birds native to oregon?

sean’s parents visited this weekend and they were generous enough to take us all out to dinner on friday night and after a longgg night of travel and getting on the wrong busses, we all made it to dinner at the kennedy school, a mcmenamin’s restaurant that is converted from an old school.  they have a great number of different rooms; the boiler room is a bar and the gym is often used for large events. they even have a movie theatre.. score.

saturday morning was a drive to sandy river for the SOLV/Oregon Dept Fish and Wildlife salmon toss.  we met up with an ODFW fish biologist with our SOLV executive director and her kids as well as some Valley Catholic students to toss the carcasses of dead hatchery salmon into the Sandy River to restore nutrient levels for wild salmon migrating back up the river to spawn.  it was quite a messy affair but fun was had by all and i even tossed two salmon! i took the role of photographer/videographer for the day but i found the courage within myself to join in the tossing!

elena, christie, ted and i attended harvest stomp last night, the JVC NW fundraiser, in portland.  we had a great time chatting with former JV’s and board members and square dancing.. i volunteered to help with the raffle and many of you know what happens when i get a microphone.  needless to say, i had a great time calling out numbers and giving prizes to all those wonderful people that support us.. of course, i got some laughs from the crowd…


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