I’ll just have water…

In April of 2009, I travelled to Washington D.C. with some wonderful friends to attend Powershift 2009, a climate action summit of young people.  With 12,000 young people in attendance, it was the largest gathering of citizens rallying for a clean energy future.  We heard wonderful speakers like Lisa Jackson of the EPA, Van Jones, and so many others.  It was an inspiring weekend, to say the least and really fueled my environmental journey and networking.

There were workshops, rally marches and the weekend culminated in a rally on the lawn of the nation’s Capitol, where Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, was scheduled to speak.  Not to our surprise, Speaker Pelosi did not come and speak as she was scheduled; perhaps she was intimidated by over 10,000 young people frustrated at our nation’s energy policies.. go figure.

Speaker Pelosi was just recently relieved of her duties by Representative John Boehner of Ohio, who promises change.  Perhaps this change means more inclusive health care or more equality in our educational system?  We’ll see about that.  But Speaker Boehner announced today that he is cutting House office budgets by a symbolic 5% to cut the enormous deficit.  This cut will save $35 million dollars, a hefty amount, but when I found out that this very same office spent $190,000 last year on bottled water, I really wonder where this 5% will be redistributed…

It’s time for a new initiative: Buy Your Congressperson a Water Bottle.



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