Walk for Water PDX

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Walk for Water PDX was a great and rainy success!  My friend Kim (FU alum living in Portland) and I joined PHLUSH on the 3.1 mile walk today in downtown Portland; my coworker Abby invited me to join them as she works with PHLUSH.  From their website:

Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human. PHLUSH believes that toilet availability is a human right and that well-designed sanitation facilities restore health to our cities, our waters and our soils.  Our grassroots, all-volunteer advocacy group is based in Portland’s Old Town Chinatown.  We collaborate with grass roots organizations, environmental activists, planners, architects, code officials and city managers.

I already posted about UN World Water Day this week so I won’t repeat details but wanted to share some photos from the event.  We walked 3.1 miles, the average distance that a person in the developing world travels daily to get clean water for cooking, bathing and drinking.  We carried buckets filled with water and while my arms feel like jelly right now, it truly was an eye opening experience to carry a half-filled water bucket.  Many of the women and children who carry water for their families daily walk in through dangerous areas, without proper footwear or protection from weather.  A humbling and exhausting experience; so glad I was able to meet some great new people and make myself more aware and involved in the global water crisis.


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