Springtime comes to the Pacific Northwest

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There’s a tulip farm about three miles from our house here in Hillsboro; rows and rows of beautiful flowers are sure signs of the arrival of spring.  We’ve been lucky and have had some great days of sunshine, including today, for which I am very thankful because Meghan and I were outside placing plants for Green Team all day today.. 700 plants in four hours!  The last few weeks have been busy at SOLV as the school year is beginning to wind down and we prepare for site visits and student presentations.  Its been great to be able to have some fun on the weekends; I was home in New Jersey last weekend for a beautiful wedding and I had a wonderful time catching up with my family and friends.

This past weekend was JVC OLYMPICS in Tacoma, Wa; this is the 2nd annual Olympic event for JVC Northwest and it was a great time.  Thea Jamba, the JV house in Tacoma, hosted the Saturday event in Wright Park; we paraded with JV’s from Seattle and Portland to the park in our house uniforms, no doubt making Tacoma-ites (?) very envious of our style.  Our house went to Salvation Army late Friday night and whipped up some Boy Scout uniforms; no further explanation needed, see photos.  (We got the medal for best uniform, of course.)  Events at the park included a house-legged race in which all members of the house had to tie their legs together and race across the park; we all have bruised ankles.  We also participated in a very competitive scavenger hunt, relay race, Legends of the Hidden Temple-style trivia, a Jesus drawing in chalk and lively banter.  Tacoma did a great job of organizing the Olympics and its always great to see other JV’s.  Ziti was on the menu for dinner and of course, a dance party followed in true JV style.  (The events of the night also included a late night egg collecting trip from the chicken coop; one of the proudest moments of my life when I was able to carry the eggs inside. WIN.) We went to church the next morning at St. Leo’s, had a delicious breakfast, visited downtown Tacoma and Stadium High School; needless to say, I sang “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” the entire time.  THANKS TACOMA!

Another busy week this week at SOLV, with lots of events coming up for Earth Day.  I’m in the midst of a lot of planning for our new community stewardship groups and a SOLV benefit concert this summer, as well as lots of Green Team stuff.  I submitted an application for FoodCorps next year, I’ll keep you updated.  In the meantime, we’ll be planning for our Earth Day partyyyy this weekend in Hillsboro, hoping for sunny skies!

And now, time for an environmental (and not-so environmental) news round-up!


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