“The Power is Yours!”

Remember Captain Planet?  How could you forget him? His awesome outfit, red boots, charisma and Planeteer friends made me wanna hang out with him for sure.  That was a show that defined childhood for me and while I might not remember what all of the episodes were about, I remember the important message was always to be responsible in caring for our shared Earth.

Sometimes we forget our impact, we think, “Everyone else is doing it, so it doesn’t matter if I do it too..”  But our actions do matter.. even Captain Planet says they do!  (Check out the Captain Planet Foundation, which supports hands-on environmental projects for youth.)  We need to make some noise, get in the way and make a fuss about the things that matter to us, the things that are too precious to lose.

Green Patriot Posters is a non-1990s group of folks who have taken inspiration from the iconic “Rosie the Riveter” posters of World War II and freshened it up to take on a new, empowering meaning in our discombobulated world.  Take up your rakes and reusable tote bags! Fight for your planet!

Will Etling "Sustain"

“Young farmers need to be politically organized and active. Growing up in rural California, I always had tremendous respect for the few remaining working farmers in our community. In this poster I tried to convey the power of farming and the respect I feel for it.” –W.E.

Diego Gutiérrez "Keep Buying Shit"

“To a graphic designer, there is no better reason to design than for a good cause. At the same time, popular media and kitsch design have exhausted a cause like global warming. I didn’t want to design for upper-middle-class mothers who hang out at Whole Foods. My vision was to crank out as many varieties of strong images, harsh statements, and loud colors as I could.” –D.G.

Xander Pollack "Shit Be Meltin'"

“Al Gore is right: Shit be meltin’. Would his melting face be more convincing than factual charts and graphs? How much proof do we need before we make a change?” –Dmitri Siegel and Edward Morris


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