love on lined paper

We’re wrapping up with Green Team schools for the end of the year and I am saying goodbye to students that I have worked with all year.  Its hard to believe I’ve been working with them since September and have really come to love working with them, both inside and outside of the classroom.  One such group, seventh graders from an environmental middle school that comes out once a month, wrote Meghan and I thank you letters for our work with them since they didn’t get to say a real good-bye on their last day.  Below is a poem a student wrote for me; its things like this that make me know that I will always be involved in education and celebrating the power of students!

Dear Alex,

Your work will be admired

How you did it is what I inquired

How did you tread through the mud trail,

Through rain, ice and very strong gale?

You endured this to help us succeed,

Instead of going inside to read.

Putting up an effort and turtling through,

Everyone here is going to thank you.

The work you have done, made SOLV shiny as a bell,

Please come back, we wish you well!

Students with a pacific tree frog


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