Sister love.

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While the weather wasn’t quite as sunshiney as I had hoped it would be (we got about 15 minutes of sun all weekend,) my sister and I had a fantabulous time in Portland this weekend.  She flew in on Thursday night and was able to come to our SOLV Green Team summit to hear our students present on what they’ve learned this year and meet some of the people I’ve worked closely with for the past 10 months.  We had a nice little jaunt around Washington Park in Portland and almost made it to Hoyt Arboretum but realized TOMS and flats weren’t quite appropriate for the mud.

We made it into downtown Portland for the night and checked into our super swank hotel room at Crystal Hotel, very “JV” of me, I know.  We proceeded to get soaking wet in a 30-second period while walking to Powell’s, where we got some serious deals on used books and did some wonderful childhood reminiscing.  We hit up Saturday Market the next morning, which is along the waterfront in Portland every weekend from March to December and got some beautiful little things.  We were off next to the PSU Farmer’s Market, where I was in heaven as we were surrounded by beautiful fruits and veggies and fantastic vendors.  Strawberry season.. yes!  We finished out a long day of exploring with a stop at the Washed Ashore exhibit, which is a community art/activism project that collects marine debris and creates sculptures to show the effects of pollution and our dependence on plastics:

The Washed Ashore community project aims to educate and create awareness about marine debris and plastic pollution through art.  Community members are working together to clean-up our beaches and process the debris into art supplies to construct giant sculptures of the marine creatures most affected by plastic pollution. This has resulted in thousands of pounds of debris cleaned up from Oregon beaches and an educational touring art exhibit to showcase the sculptures.

Sadly Voodoo Doughnuts was closed for renovations, so we did not have delicious baked goods covered in sugar, preservatives and Capn’ Crunch, but we did go to Multnomah Falls.. a good tradeoff.  All in all, a great weekend of food, Portland sights and sister love.  Not enough hipster run-ins though.. we never get enough of those out here.  Thanks for coming Sam, miss you already!!


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