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Well hello there, sunshine!  The sun has graced Hillsboro with its presence over the past few days, though she’s hiding now.. I hope she’ll be back soon.  This has made wrapping up with Green Team all the more pleasant as the weather is the most cooperative it has been all year; some of our eighth graders had their final site visit this week and led an event themselves this weekend.  I was able to go to the presentation of their final school projects; I was so impressed by their professionalism and intelligence at 12 and 13 years old.. amazing.

Under two months left with JVC and our final retreat is this weekend on Whidbey Island in Washington.. very psyched to see everyone and have some good laughs and conversations.  Hoping for good weather, some outside time, space for reflection and delicioussss food.. tamales, anyone?

Spent this past weekend volunteering at a local elementary school carnival/fundraiser extravaganza.. let’s just say my fishing pond booth was a hit.  What kid doesn’t love fishing with a clothespin and getting a ruler in the shape of a lion or a super bedazzled ring?  Saturday was a SOLV day, started off with our student led event at Willow Creek and then I helped with the clean up after the epic Portland Starlight Parade.  Why yes, I did wear my tutu.  A great day of sunshine, got to spend the middle of it with Christie hanging at the farmer’s market.  Played a riotous game of Ultimate Frisbee followed by Sproutball with youth ministry on Sunday.. an epic weekend overall.  Lots of work this week (and an interview!) followed by retreat.. see you next week, friends.

Side note: Slugs are following me around lately.  They’re everywhere.. hence the title.  Some are small, some are large, some are yellow, some are brown.  All are slow.


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