I have a question…

We are all aware of the tendencies of state budgets to make cuts in public education, but how often do we see people really utilizing their skills to fight for the education of children?  The parents of students at Melrose Avenue Elementary did just that..

“When your company does well do you fire your best employees?” That’s one of the questions asked in the above public service announcement about education funding produced by parents at Melrose Avenue Elementary, a science, technology, engineering, and math magnet school in Los Angeles. Almost 70 percent of the school’s 339 students are children of color and another 70 percent receive reduced or free lunch—and in 2010 the school improved 124 points on the State of California’s Academic Performance Index, the biggest gains of any public school in the state.

Despite that record of achievement, due to budget cuts, Melrose was set to lose four teachers, the math and technology coaches, and all arts programs. The school embarked on a fundraising campaign to save the positions, but parent Meredith Gullion decided that educating the general public about school funding was the most important priority.

How do you use YOUR skill sets to stand up for what you believe in?


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