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Did you know that in the United States, 40% of urban trips are less than two miles but over 90% of those trips are taken by car?  That adds up.  All of those carbon emissions, fighting for a parking space, emptying your wallet for gas money.. who needs it?  Join CLIF Bar for their annual 2 Mile Challenge; they’ve created a competition to see how many car trips we can replace with bike trips to create a healthier population and a happier planet.

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If one of 10 car commuters switched to a bike, carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced by 25.4 million tons per year. “Bicycling is one of many necessary pieces to a multi-pronged solution,” says Caeli Quinn, co-founder and director of Climate Ride, a charity ride to raise awareness for sustainable practices. “What makes bicycling crucial and an important focal point is that it’s something almost everyone can do.”

So before you start making up excuses like it’s too hot out or the streets aren’t safe or that you aren’t practiced in bike commuting, think about how much cooler you’ll be when you roll into work (literally) with your bike and helmet or put your farmer’s market veggies into a milk crate fashioned onto the back of your bike.  Instant nerd-rad points.  Why run errands when you can bike them?

Remember how we started with our training wheels and how good it felt to get those training wheels off?  Dust off that old ten-speed Schwinn you’ve got sitting in the garage and take it out for a spin to some yard sales on Saturday or ride it down to the store for some milk.  There are always safety issues with transportation but its a learning process to navigate bike lanes, use turn signals and remember your lights for nighttime riding.

Biking in Paris in 2008; your town might have a bike co-op program too.. don't forget your helmet!


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