“It’s a Trip”

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Here’s the short but sweet version… After our jaunt at Yosemite, a steamy-hot and breath-taking day with the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon, we slowed the pace a bit and made a little stop to quaint Old Town in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  This section of town is very touristy but with a park in the middle and very friendly shopkeepers and artisans surrounding the square, it reminded me of the central park in Antigua, Guatemala where I spent some time last summer.  We popped in and out of shops, visited the beautifully preserved (work in progress) San Felipe de Neri church, and had lunch at a fantastic little diner.  Shops were filled with the work of local artists like stoneware and religious figurines, locally grown and produced chilis and hot sauces and your usual cheesy postcards and other kitsch.  A fabulous little city I highly recommend visiting, even if you’re just passing through!

(Disclaimer: Though the road trip has been over for some time now and I have internet access, I have been slow at finishing posts and apologize for this.  Hoping to finish posting pictures soon!)


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