Food Day with Food Fighters

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What a team effort!  This past Monday, October 24th was the first national celebration of Food Day, hosted by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI.)  I am currently interning with a fantastic non-profit in NYC called Food Fight and we celebrated Food Day from dawn to dusk!

We were invited to have an informational table at the national marquee event in Times Square and we got to meet some really wonderful folks.  Michael Jacboson came over to chat with us; he is the executive director of CSPI and was the emcee of the whole event.  Ellie Krieger is a chef, TV personality and cookbook author and was kind enough to come say hello and take a look at our table.  Ellie was responsible for the vegetable curry and other delicious food at the Eat Real Eat-In.  We also told a lot of folks who were passing by about the Food Fight mission and what we do in NYC high schools; we are revolutionizing the way people think about food.  We are working in over 15 schools to bring food education and nutrition education over a semester or a year to students and teachers to make them more aware of how businesses are targeting them and how they can become more educated and healthy consumers.

We also had an event at one of our Food Fight schools, the High School for Hospitality, and the main event was a cooking demo by Chef Marvin Woods, who stole the show.  Chef Marvin made a breakfast smoothie and talked to students and other attendees about the importance of frequent, small meals starting with breakfast.  He also made a chicken stirrup, showing people how easy and healthy it can be to make meals at home, being in charge of what’s on your plate.

We had a wonderful Food Day and got to gift a lot of people with Food Fight bling.. so if you see our logo out there.. give us a shout out!

Check out this article that was just written by Hannah Wallace for the New York Times about Food Fight’s work in classrooms! Don’t forget to find us on Facebook and Twitter!


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