Where the living is easy and the people are kind..

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A weekend spent in a new city with old friends. Is there anything better? To explore, discover, dance, walk, talk and be is a blessing when with the people in your life. Boston was the perfect place for me to visit this past weekend and be with friends I haven’t seen in a year or two. And yet, with friends like these and days like these, it is like no time has passed at all.

Things I learned, or remembered I knew:

  • One should always have a fantastic hat, from a wonderful shop (like Goorin Bros.)
  • Playing in the leaves is good exercise and gives you a rosy glow
  • Coffee made by a friend tastes much better than any other coffee
  • Cooking together, with whole foods, satisfies any hunger
  • Dancing is best in a dimly lit room, with twinkle lights
  • Riding public transportation allows time & space for entertaining other riders
  • Late nights make the best mornings
Thank you, Cambridge for a beautiful weekend. Friends, I will be back soon. Where to next?

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