You Oughta Know…

My wonderful blogging guru/buddy Jen and I have been chatting about blogs, themes, fonts, posts and all other wonderful blog related things this week.. (I’ve had a lot of in-office time this week.. go figure) I am newly inspired to blog more often about more than just trees.

Fairfield University's 2010 installation for

Here are some folks that you should know, doing great things for our world:

  1. Jen Clinton: Blogger extraordinaire Jen lives in Massachusetts and is the newest blogger for her home state on Mother Nature Network; check out her first post!  Jen helped to move me along on my environmental path, keeps me informed and generally just kicks ass.  She’s going to grad school at UConn in the fall and I know her coworkers at SFS are going to miss her.. but I know she’ll keep us all updated with her Greener State of Mind.
  2. Stiv Wilson: Another environmental badass, but this one is based in Portland, OR.  Wilson is a huge proponent and major player in banning those annoying plastic bags state-wide in Oregon, which is a big deal because it would make Oregon the first state to do so.  He has sailed over 14,000 nautical miles in the last year to document the plastic plaguing our oceans AND he’s best friends with Decemberists frontman, Colin Meloy.  Can we say triple threat?
  3. Vandana Shiva: Philosopher, environmental activist and eco-feminist are just a few of the many hats that this wonderful lady wears.  Founder of Navdanya International, which aims to defend and protect the rights of people and their access to food, water, dignified jobs and livelihoods, Dr. Shiva is a pillar in the world of activism, food rights and human welfare.
  4. Students at Pacific Grove Elementary School: Students at this Northern California school decided to take action to help their friends in Japan by launching a campaign called One Million Cranes.  Students hope to enlist 1,000 other schools across the nation in folding 1,000 cranes each. They’re hoping the public will donate $1 for each crane, thus raising $1 million for Japan.
  5. Van Jones: Another fantastic environmental and civil rights activist, who I first became aware of at Powershift 2009. Jones has founded three great non-profits including Green For All, dedicated to building an inclusive green economy to lift people out of poverty.  They do this by working in partnership with public and private investors to create quality green jobs and supporting projects and people all over the U.S. like Albert and his career with Clean Energy Works Portland.
  6. Tom Philpott: One of the snarkiest people I follow on Twitter, Philpott is Grist‘s senior food and agriculture writer.  His work on food politics shows up everywhere and he is a great advocate for sustainable food education and a co-founder of Maverick Farms. Check out his latest piece on the need for an alliance of all people against CAFOs, or confined animal feeding operations; I’m all for vegan/omnivore alliances!
  7. Bill McKibben: One of the nation’s most prominent environmentalists and authors on all things related to climate change, activism and alternative energies.  McKibben is the founder of, one of the largest global movements for climate change awareness in the world with over 5,000 actions in over 180 countries.  (Fairfield has participated the past two years.. heck yeah!)
  8. Chris Jordan: Visual artist and awareness raiser, Jordan runs the numbers of our consumerist American culture with large format artwork paired with amazing statistics.  Check out his photos of the plastics plaguing Midway albatross.

(Credit: Chris Jordan)