A Greener State of Mind – Jen Clinton

Researcher, policy-girl and fantastic friend; a fellow environmental Stag, whom I ask for advice daily

“I started this blog to share information about environmental policy and research on a domestic, national, and international scale, as well as important organizations in the field and opportunities to take part in.

I’m a recent college graduate who has studied and researched in this field for two years now, and hope to attend graduate school for environmental policy or economics starting this fall.”

Speak With Your Food – Alexandra Gross

My favorite organic farmer and writer; another inspirational fellow Stag, who helped me on the start of my environmental path

“my name is alex and i’m a freelance environmental journalist, farm intern, avid gardener, vegetarian and a genuinely curious individual. this is my blog about all things relating to food, farming and sustainability issues, or at least those things that interest me. “speak with your food” is born out of the idea that eating is not simply an act that sustains us, but an opportunity to exercise our political voice. this blog is meant to be a dialogue, so don’t be shy. i encourage you to comment to posts and share your ideas!”

Jeremy in Belize – Jeremy Shea

A wonderful college classmate and fellow Jesuit Volunteer, spending two years working as a librarian in a school in Belize

That’s So Gross-Zach Gross

Another environmental Gross, there’s so many of them. Zach is full of quirkiness and studied abroad in Nicaragua.. he makes me laugh.

Fresh & Fancy Farms-Meg Low and family

Meg and I went to the same high school in New Jersey and she and her family bought a farm in 2010 in New Milford, NJ.  They are off and running and I can’t wait to visit with them more!

Experiences and Escapades of Kate-Kate Reilly

Kate graduated in 2011 from Fairfield and is currently serving as a Jesuit Volunteer in Baltimore, MD as a high school teacher.  An amazing artist, friend and advocate, she’s worth a read.


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