Greenpeace Coal Plant Protest

Greenpeace USA activists unfurled a 20×40 foot banner this morning on the Bridgeport Harbor Coal Plant in Bridgeport, CT; I was able to see this plant both from my house at Fairfield senior year and every day that I drove to Bridgeport to work at HeadStart.. talk about hitting close to home..

Bridgeport Harbor is an aging, inefficient plant — it’s 40 years old — and it isn’t necessary to provide power to Connecticut’s grid. Yet it emits 3 million tons of carbon emissions every year, as well as 2,800 tons of toxic sulfur dioxide, 2,200 tons of nitrous oxide, and 50 lbs of mercury. The coal plant literally casts a shadow upon a low-income section of Bridgeport, where 1 in 4 residents have asthma. Health experts estimate that at least one death a year in the city can be attributed to the coal plant’s noxious emissions.

Read more about the protest here and about Greenpeace’s Coal Free Future Tour and get ready for a new wave of climate activism! Maybe if we’re lucky, their boat will dock at Powershift 2011.. a girl can dream!


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